Semi-permanent makeup / Cosmetic tattoo

Semi-permanent eyebrows (microblading) are also referred to as permanent make-up, microblading, or cosmetic tattoo. It is the process of using pigments to tattoo the eyebrows, but semi-permanent tattoo is a light technique and not the traditional body art tattoo that lasts forever. We use very fine needles and a variety of specialized pigments and techniques to create a very natural look that will fade over time depending on a few specific variables.


Natural Style eyebrows, embroidery

Price : 250,000 KRW (VAT not include)

Time required : 1.5 hours


Top eyeliner

Price : 180,000 KRW (VAT Not included)

Time required : 1 Hours

Hair Line

Hair lines

Not Serve of foreigner

Time required : 2 hours

Precautions before operation

-Please avoid periods of menstruation
-Drinking is prohibited the day before the procedure.
-If you have keloid scar of skin, please consult beforehand.

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