Transformation! Semi-permanent men's eyebrow tattoo

Transformation! Semi-permanent men's eyebrow tattoo

This is a male customer who visited Bongsoon’s eyebrows due to another customer’s introduction.

There’s a natural difference between those with and without eyebrows.
Since it is an artificial process of filling in all the semi-permanent eyebrow lines, it is inevitable that the naturalness falls.

Machine feathering is left on the skin after coloring, so it becomes more natural over time than right after the procedure.
I explained this part to the customer and decided whether or not to add gradation techniques depending on the degree of coloring during the touch-up.

When I was working on the texture, I tried really hard to make the texture look pretty.
I can see every single part of it, so I worked really hard on it.

Thank you for trusting me and finding me.

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