It's pretty, Korean Machine feathering eyebrow tattoo

It's pretty, Korean Machine feathering eyebrow tattoo

The weather is hot, but it’s hard to draw eyebrows that come off even if you draw them every day.
It’s like a lot of homework for a woman.
Then, do your homework with semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos.

When I’m drawing the design, I’m supposed to understand the movement and bone of the eyebrow muscles so that it’s not awkward when you use the facial muscles, and it’s naturally pretty.

I don’t always use combo eyelashes because you don’t have any eyebrows.
If I can make beautiful eyebrows with natural eyebrows, don’t use combo eyebrows, but use natural eyebrows.

When I was working on drawing every strand, I carefully adjusted the resolution interval and angle so that it would come out well according to the design.

At the end of the work, we will check the balance of both sides one more time and check the deficiencies carefully.

You’re satisfied, and I’m satisfied with the work.
Thank you for trusting me and finding me.

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