Transformation of eyebrows with traces, Korean eyebrow tattoo

Transformation of eyebrows with traces, Korean eyebrow tattoo

The customer above had a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that she had received in the past as a red scar of orange.
There’s no saying that you shouldn’t be pretty just because you have eyebrows with traces, right?
I’ve turned her into a very pretty eyebrows.

When I was holding the design, I was able to cover up the residue and set the design to suit you.
It’s much better to make the thickness more voluminous, so unlike the old design, which used to be more thick than the previous one, we designed a round, straight design, and the customer was satisfied.

If you overdo it to cover the residue, it’s better to make it natural and subtle.
It’s my know-how to cover it so that it doesn’t show any difference in tone from the old and new semi-permanent eyebrows.

To make the front of the brows and connect them well with the original brows, make sure to mix and arrange the textures in the flow of the original brows so that it feels like my brows.

After the work was done, she looked at the mirror and liked it so I was very proud.
Thank you for trusting and visiting.

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