Korean eyebrow tattoos without scarring

Korean eyebrow tattoos without scarring

A pretty customer with glowing skin found Bongsoon’s eyebrows.
The semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo she got before came out so quickly that they found the machine-feathering eyebrow tattooing technique.

One of the good things about me was that she didn’t have any red marks left, so I liked it because I was able to make it clean like her first semi-permanent eyebrow.

The duration of the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, which is her concern, has been relieved by machine feathering techniques.
There are people with very good skin that have a particularly low retention period.
There is a problem that if I inject pigments by artificially scarring them, the pigments will be released through the skin regeneration process, which may result in a short retention period.

Machine feathering eyebrow tattooing is a technique that injects pigments directly into the skin layer without hurting it, so pigments remain on the skin layer during the skin regeneration process.

The customer on the top has thick and thick eyebrows, but she usually dyed her hair bright.

The problem here is that semi-permanent eyebrows should be adjusted to the original eyebrow hair, not to the dyed hair.
It’s very awkward if you change the color of your eyebrow and semi-permanent eyebrow, so I recommend her to use a bright brow mascara for your makeup.

When she got an eyebrow tattoo from another shop, she lost all my eyebrows before she got a retouch, and it disappeared within a few months.
But this time, I heard that it’s amazing and nice to have pretty eyebrows.

She said she’d get it back here next time, and she complimented me a lot.

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