Attractive arch eyebrows tattoo of Korea

Attractive arch eyebrows tattoo of Korea

The customer above followed her husband and unexpectedly got her pretty eyebrows tattoo.

The customer’s husband, who made a reservation, explained that he has eyebrows that he doesn’t have to do because he has a lot of eyebrows.

His wife, who came with him, has been terrified and has not been able to receive it, but she finally got it through her husband’s persuasion.

Since the original eyebrow shape is pretty, I explained how to make the original shape look more arch-shaped. But she said it was good, so I chose the original shape.

I understood the flow of the eyebrow and matched the flow to make it look connected to the original eyebrow, and drew each of the lines meticulously.

I made pretty arched eyebrows with machine-feathering techniques that don’t hurt and leave scars on the customer skin.

After the work was done, the customer was very happy and the husband who came with me was praised.

A few days later, she sent me a thank-you message saying that she is getting a lot of compliments from people around her about her pretty eyebrows.

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