The first semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo is machine feathering.

The first semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo is machine feathering.

If you have your first semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, choose it more carefully.
I recommend you to use a technique that doesn’t leave scars on your skin.
Since it’s an eyebrow tattoo that you get once you get it, you don’t have to leave a scar to make your eyebrows pretty.

The customer above had less eyebrow hair overall and was rather cloudy.
When I grab the design, customer can see the design process in front of the makeup mirror, and customer has to check the design in more detail and like it before I start working.

After identifying the eyebrow bones and muscles, I decided on the design to match them, checked the customer’s opinion and started working on it right away.

As the eyebrow hair is thin and light, I mixed it so that the color can be natural.
After that, I worked on drawing the lines meticulously.
The front part of the eyebrow was wider apart and arranged more closely to create a natural gradation effect and carefully check the design.

In the picture, the middle part of the eyebrow looks like it’s reflected by the light.

I have eyebrows that you didn’t have, so I have natural eyebrows that don’t feel awkward.
The customer was very satisfied, too.
Since you don’t have to worry about scarring, you can make new eyebrows after 2 years of maintenance.
Please feel free to contact us.

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