Scra like scratches Korean men's eyebrow tattoos

Scra like scratches Korean men's eyebrow tattoos

The male customer who found Bongsoon’s eyebrows after the introduction.
The order he made to me was to leave the eyebrow scar without covering it.
He is asking if it’s possible. Of course it’s possible.
I made it look like I scratched him without covering his scar

When I grasp the design, identify the original eyebrow shape, muscle movement, and skeleton, draw a design that matches well, and ask your opinion.
Most people feel awkward when they’re just set up and trust me.
I did my best to make him look better because he trusted me.

I think it’s natural that most male customers want it.
I think he’s the one who’s most reluctant to walk around with his eyebrows

Machine feathering is a technique that doesn’t hurt your eyebrows, so there’s nothing else to take care of after the procedure, and there’s no process of falling because of the scab.

I carefully drew each strand according to the original eyebrow texture and thought about how to make the scar look neat and pretty.

After the work was done, he checked it out and he liked it and thanked us.

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