Korea eyebrow tattoos against foreigners

Korea eyebrow tattoos against foreigners

A Filipino customer found Bongsoon’s eyebrow.

It’s amazing that customer visited the English homepage & Facebook Page

When I first decided on the design, she wanted my eyebrow style, but I told her that it wouldn’t look good because it was a straight eyebrows design, but since there was a language barrier, I drew the design myself and let her choose the design that matches it.

In the case of foreigners, the bone and eyebrow muscles are different from Koreans, so I need to be designed accordingly to look good and natural, so the pattern of the texture of the eyebrows also goes differently.

Color is mixed according to skin tone and original eyebrow tone and eyebrow texture is drawn one by one to match arch design.

Because it goes well with arched eyebrows, I made it in a different pattern than Koreans.

She was worried about getting sick when I started, but one of the advantages of machine feathering eyebrow tattoos is that it doesn’t hurt.

The work is almost done, and I checked the design again in front of the mirror to balance her eyebrows and make up for her shortcomings.

Thank you so much for coming from far away on a hot day.

You said you liked my eyebrows so much that you’re coming to do your eyeliner next time.


No filter right after Bongsoon’s eyebrow procedure! No calibration.

If you watch the video, you can see it in more detail.

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